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Directed by Jeremie Eloy
Produced by Oxbow, JEK Productions and North Kiteboarding
Filmed by Poor Boyz Production, Jace Panebianco, Harrisson Cole, John Bilderback
Edited by Edouard Hollande
Shot in Indonesia, summer 2010


Indonesia, Timor
Zirbad Kapal, the boat.

Want more? The making off

->Click here to discover all the details about the movie, and get the best advices to go to in Indonesia You can also watch the previous episode by clicking here.

Quiz results!

From May 18th to June 30th midnight, we hosted a quiz where you could win a board WAM 5'10", THE top league surf from North Kiteboarding as a first prize, and an Oxbow Summer Pack , including a shorty wetsuit, a rashguard and a board short by Oxbow , as a second prize

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  1. 227


    Gavatar Icon of kitingkristy

    The video is great and goes really well with the tune (good call for the Fleetfoxes). A dreamy video travel log sketching greatly the press article... When is the next one?

  2. 226


    Gavatar Icon of hiousi

    Thank you for all. You really really make my day

  3. 225


    Gavatar Icon of zarg

    Super film !

  4. 224


    Gavatar Icon of abou

    Nice place and prefect wave >> looks like an awesome place !

  5. 223


    Gavatar Icon of thuriane0908

    ouahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh un pack OXBOW, j'en rêve !

  6. 222


    Gavatar Icon of lylytorche

    MA-GNI-FIQUE! Je me sens enfermée dans ma bulle quand je vois cette immensité! Ça donne sincèrement envie de voyager...avec les planches of course ;)

  7. 221


    Gavatar Icon of ziggy

    Yo, that's what's up truhtuflly.

  8. 220


    Gavatar Icon of barbi

    Great cmomon sense here. Wish I’d thought of that.

  9. 219


    Gavatar Icon of caiden

    And I was just wnordieng about that too!

  10. 218


    Gavatar Icon of kayleigh

    THX that's a great asnwer!

  11. 217


    Gavatar Icon of titia

    That’s not just logic. That’s really snesbile.

  12. 216


    Gavatar Icon of bunny

    Thank you so much for this airtcle, it saved me time!

  13. 215


    Gavatar Icon of janae

    IMHO you've got the right ansewr!

  14. 214


    Gavatar Icon of inah

    Awesome soul food!

  15. 213


    Gavatar Icon of mar

    I like :)

  16. 212


    Gavatar Icon of gk

    Incredible surfing! Love my North Rebels (10 and 14m).

  17. 211


    Gavatar Icon of pipelette07

    merci pour ce jeu et cette video superbe

  18. 210


    Gavatar Icon of manu

    Salut Jeremie Tes trips sont super vivement le prochain que je puisse encore réver .

  19. 209


    Gavatar Icon of sli

    super cool!!!

  20. 208


    Gavatar Icon of nicobon

    Superbe trip, ça donne envie de voyager. Quand on voit les vagues et ce que tu envoies, on aperçoit bien les possibilités du surf strapé.

  21. 207


    Gavatar Icon of phoebe

    merci pour ce concours je tente ma chance

  22. 206


    Gavatar Icon of verototo

    Superbe vidéo ca donne envie bisoussssssss

  23. 205


    Gavatar Icon of glugluglou


  24. 204


    Gavatar Icon of bennovic

    Hey Jeremie, It's a cool video and while i was watching it, i want to be there in Indonesia! The people there looked very nice! It also looked so, like you where the onliest person, who ever went kiting there.Very nice! But i think, the video had to be longer! :-) It looks so easy, how you rip the waves! I just tried kiteboarding in small, small waves wit a 09 Freestyle fish. It was and is pretty cool! Rip Hard, Ben

  25. 203


    Gavatar Icon of fox11100

    Une vidéo qui résume ce que le Kite offre !!! Du plaisir, du fun, de nouvelles rencontre dans des paysages somptueux !!! Continue de nous faire rêver a travers ces spots ;-) have fun

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