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Directed by Jeremie Eloy
Produced by Oxbow, JEK Productions and North Kiteboarding
Filmed by Poor Boyz Production, Jace Panebianco, Harrisson Cole, John Bilderback
Edited by Edouard Hollande
Shot in Indonesia, summer 2010


Indonesia, Timor
Zirbad Kapal, the boat.

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->Click here to discover all the details about the movie, and get the best advices to go to in Indonesia You can also watch the previous episode by clicking here.

Quiz results!

From May 18th to June 30th midnight, we hosted a quiz where you could win a board WAM 5'10", THE top league surf from North Kiteboarding as a first prize, and an Oxbow Summer Pack , including a shorty wetsuit, a rashguard and a board short by Oxbow , as a second prize

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  1. 52


    Gavatar Icon of tykassabobo

    Magnifique comme toujours, merci Jerem et continue à nous faire rêver ......

  2. 51


    Gavatar Icon of clemence

    on en veut encore!!!!c'est tout simplement magnifique!!!!!^^

  3. 50


    Gavatar Icon of champomy

    belles images, bon son, beau trip...quoi demander de plus?

  4. 49


    Gavatar Icon of cousteau

    Belle video avec un joli melange d'images teresstres et sous marines. Felicitions

  5. 48


    Gavatar Icon of chris

    vraiment chouette comme video, felicitations.

  6. 47


    Gavatar Icon of djeverest

    Really nice movie!!!

  7. 46


    Gavatar Icon of morgan

    Tres belles images qui véhiculent bcp de bonheur.

  8. 45


    Gavatar Icon of fred

    Great and high quality video! We just posted it on our FB page: Hopefully the next clip will be shot here one day!

  9. 44


    Gavatar Icon of dainesy

    What a beautiful looking country. Indonesia has got to be my next holiday destination. And what a place to take my Rebel, all i need now is a Surf WAM 5`10 ;)

  10. 43


    Gavatar Icon of bencejones1979

    que du bonheur et de la paix dans ce monde de brutes et de guerre, Que tous le monde fasse du kite

  11. 42


    Gavatar Icon of ludo29380

    Superbe vidéo!

  12. 41


    Gavatar Icon of rnk35

    Superbe tant pour le kite que l'aspect humain du trip !!!!!

  13. 40


    Gavatar Icon of dkrules

    et sinon ça va?

  14. 39


    Gavatar Icon of waterkite

    I need to win this!

  15. 38


    Gavatar Icon of nuno

    Far away from the outside world, inside the wild nature, surfing the wind...truly magical.

  16. 37


    Gavatar Icon of max

    moi aussi je veux aller en indo

  17. 36


    Gavatar Icon of raf34

    merci pour cette belle video

  18. 35


    Gavatar Icon of refter

    Next time i come with you

  19. 34


    Gavatar Icon of nicozepzep

    selamat pagi, Bagus

  20. 33


    Gavatar Icon of eve

    Une vidéo top qui donne envie d'aller en Indonésie

  21. 32


    Gavatar Icon of ac

    Great video. Local flavor and freakin perfect wave

  22. 31


    Gavatar Icon of fwd971

    Un petit jeune qui par en mobylette faire de la planche a voile sur un lac avec des reves pleins la tete.. et qui fini par parcourir le monde en ridant les plus belles vagues du monde... Je dis "Respect" pour ce gars qui a su y croire jusqu'au bout sans jamais rien lacher !! Bravo Jeremie Eloy ! Continue comme ca tu nous fait rever ;)

  23. 30


    Gavatar Icon of cooky

    4 minutes of heaven but soon to be 10 days of Bliss in the Aitutaki Trade winds, south Pacific. Check it out !

  24. 29

    john john

    Gavatar Icon of john john

    belle petite vidéo..ya plus de houle que sur la cote d'emeraude...

  25. 28


    Gavatar Icon of bomber

    Nice video and cool editing. Loved the wave action in the waves! Made me so jelous and now I'm going to move my visit to Bali sooner to catch up with my friends and get some of them waves too! Viva La North!

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