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Directed by Jeremie Eloy
Produced by Oxbow,Julbo,Yourmood, JEK Productions et North Kiteboarding
Filmed by Marco "o micro" Bouvant, Rodriguo, Benjamin Thouard
Edited by Djay
Shot in Tahiti, July 2011


Tahiti, Teahupoo, Moorea

Want more? The making off

->Click here to discover all the details about the movie, and get the best advices to go to Tahiti You can also watch the previous episode by clicking here.

Quiz results!

From September 19th to October 20th midnight, we hosted a quiz where you could win a board WAM 5'11, THE top league surf from North Kiteboarding as a first prize, and a 3/2 wetsuit by Oxbow, as second prize, a pair of glasses RUN by Julbo as third prize and a Pro Model Jeremie Ring by Yourmood as fourth prize

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  1. 183


    Gavatar Icon of djoule

    Teahupoo rules ! Awesome !

  2. 182


    Gavatar Icon of bijou

    IF only I had a few years less!!!! But if I win the board, I will make my daughter Nayla sooo happy!!! Merci pour creer de belles minutes de reve sur l'internet... Bonne Chance Jeremy!

  3. 181


    Gavatar Icon of febo44

    Trop de la balle !! T'as besoin de personne pour porter tout tes bagages pour ton prochain voyage ?? Feeb

  4. 180


    Gavatar Icon of michaelo

    Looks like heaven on earth!!

  5. 179


    Gavatar Icon of greg

    Freeriding rulez... C'est quand je vois ce genre de vidéo que je me dis que le kitesurf pourrait ENFIN toucher les médias grand publics

  6. 178


    Gavatar Icon of momo29380

    c est ca la vie !!!!!!

  7. 177


    Gavatar Icon of pilou

    SO NICE!!!!

  8. 176


    Gavatar Icon of stefanvdkamp

    This video blowed my mind. I like the storytelling, the action, the shots and the amazing grand finale. Makes me wanna go and discover more spots.

  9. 175


    Gavatar Icon of plo

    Des vagues, des bestioles, des gros jumps, des sourires, tout est là !!

  10. 174


    Gavatar Icon of fireblade

    awsome video shooting, it realy feels connected to nature by including all the wildlife you found around. just like a really nice small holliday movie that has got nothing to proove... would be nice if things in our sport could go that relaxed more often, as it is shown here.

  11. 173


    Gavatar Icon of tjdunklee

    One of the best produced kiteboarding videos I have seen for a while. Great footage and great riding! Well done.

  12. 172


    Gavatar Icon of ichigo

    génial cela fait rêver...

  13. 171


    Gavatar Icon of ichigonc

    top super image

  14. 170


    Gavatar Icon of shark

    It was really an incredible day, with an in incredible kitesurfer. Congrats to North and to Jeremie!! North, best kites and kiters!!

  15. 169


    Gavatar Icon of ptilouis

    magnifique !

  16. 168


    Gavatar Icon of hobi

    Fantastic video! Time to book a trip somewhere tropical :-)

  17. 167


    Gavatar Icon of surfernicola

    Chopes is awesome!!!

  18. 166


    Gavatar Icon of tom

    Episode 3 génial !!!! !

  19. 165


    Gavatar Icon of reinoutsmit

    Awesome trip

  20. 164


    Gavatar Icon of linzter

    amazing footage!

  21. 163


    Gavatar Icon of melc5

    Teahupoo, carpe diem !

  22. 162


    Gavatar Icon of godc

    Sick Sessions

  23. 161


    Gavatar Icon of chase

    The sequence where your jumping over the sharks is incredible footage.... what a top notch video you guys put together..... it looks like a kite trip of a life time..... truly inspiring guys keep the videos coming!!!!

  24. 160


    Gavatar Icon of guimousse

    encore de belles images, vive le kite!

  25. 159


    Gavatar Icon of kesc

    Nice place for a sick surfer! wonderful!

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