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Directed by Jeremie Eloy
Produced by Oxbow,Julbo,Yourmood, JEK Productions et North Kiteboarding
Filmed by Marco "o micro" Bouvant, Rodriguo, Benjamin Thouard
Edited by Djay
Shot in Tahiti, July 2011


Tahiti, Teahupoo, Moorea

Want more? The making off

->Click here to discover all the details about the movie, and get the best advices to go to Tahiti You can also watch the previous episode by clicking here.

Quiz results!

From September 19th to October 20th midnight, we hosted a quiz where you could win a board WAM 5'11, THE top league surf from North Kiteboarding as a first prize, and a 3/2 wetsuit by Oxbow, as second prize, a pair of glasses RUN by Julbo as third prize and a Pro Model Jeremie Ring by Yourmood as fourth prize

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  1. 133


    Gavatar Icon of urbankiwi

    Epic spot, epic riding!

  2. 132


    Gavatar Icon of rebel9

    HOLY CRAB! One of the best kitesurfing videos seen this year! Not a dull moment in it.

  3. 131


    Gavatar Icon of chris

    Simply great video - story, cut, music and action! Fantastic escape from the knock down :-) Cheers!

  4. 130


    Gavatar Icon of yannz

    great video !!

  5. 129


    Gavatar Icon of toinoukite

    Superbe vidéo avec un life style de folie ! et le spot est juste magnifique !

  6. 128


    Gavatar Icon of martmaroc

    Yo Jé you rip ! Come make your day here & ride Moroccan hidden spots!

  7. 127

    just me

    Gavatar Icon of just me

    I love the part where he jumps out of the wave as it is closing out. I thought he was headed to the bottom for a tumble.

  8. 126


    Gavatar Icon of jaimy

    Wow Jeremy, Your episodes take me right away from my study load... For 5 minutes my graduation project seems to be gone and all that matters is that nice swell and beautiful ocean! Please keep making these clips, they make me feel gooood, man:)

  9. 125


    Gavatar Icon of tointoin

    tjrs magnifique, tu nous vend du rêve.

  10. 124


    Gavatar Icon of greg

    Jolie vidéo!

  11. 123


    Gavatar Icon of looping

    au top la séquence zodiac/ulm !! A-team spirit d;)

  12. 122


    Gavatar Icon of dino

    Awsome movie that gets you into dreaming mood:-)

  13. 121


    Gavatar Icon of andrew

    Very nice Video!!!

  14. 120

    lvq prod

    Gavatar Icon of lvq prod

    Superbe réalisation vidéo avec de très belles images de kite et de vie locale. Bravo !

  15. 119


    Gavatar Icon of tr3v

    Awesome! Makes me want to go to Tahiti.

  16. 118


    Gavatar Icon of sarinha

    definition of beauty

  17. 117


    Gavatar Icon of zen

    Great movie, great transportation to the waves!!

  18. 116


    Gavatar Icon of andy

    NORTH RULES i like it alot . Tahiti is my gues .

  19. 115


    Gavatar Icon of seasun

    Envie de tenter la sortie de vague de dingue comme toi Jeremie!!! Bravo pour tonfilm et les pures sensations !

  20. 114


    Gavatar Icon of nicokako

    Vivement la Wam pour tester Teahupoo !!!

  21. 113


    Gavatar Icon of hagyfly

    sick, made me wish we have waves in my home spot

  22. 112


    Gavatar Icon of treasa

    films like this really brighten up my lunch hour

  23. 111


    Gavatar Icon of maxgoran

    too little kitesurfing

  24. 110


    Gavatar Icon of frugal

    ça vaut pas les vagues de la Méditerranée, ça vaut pas les raies de Saint-Tropez, mais wahou ça fait rêver, et ton niveau décolle la rétine ! merci pour la vidéo !

  25. 109


    Gavatar Icon of seb

    Trop fort cette vide ! Mais ou va se passer le prochain épisode ???

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