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Directed by Jeremie Eloy
Produced by Oxbow,Julbo,Yourmood, JEK Productions et North Kiteboarding
Filmed by Marco "o micro" Bouvant, Rodriguo, Benjamin Thouard
Edited by Djay
Shot in Tahiti, July 2011


Tahiti, Teahupoo, Moorea

Want more? The making off

->Click here to discover all the details about the movie, and get the best advices to go to Tahiti You can also watch the previous episode by clicking here.

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From September 19th to October 20th midnight, we hosted a quiz where you could win a board WAM 5'11, THE top league surf from North Kiteboarding as a first prize, and a 3/2 wetsuit by Oxbow, as second prize, a pair of glasses RUN by Julbo as third prize and a Pro Model Jeremie Ring by Yourmood as fourth prize

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  1. 408


    Gavatar Icon of sapalot


  2. 407


    Gavatar Icon of burly

    Beautiful video. Great life. Keep stoking!

  3. 406

    Gavatar Icon of

    Magnifique! Quel "panard" tu dois prendre Jérémie ! Bravo et merci en tout cas pour ces images. Guy

  4. 405


    Gavatar Icon of dsam

    sweet vid man, no paddling to get past the break..... too sweet

  5. 404


    Gavatar Icon of jet

    Niiiice! I dream of kiting in warm wetsuit required. Until then, I live vicariously through vids like these. :)

  6. 403

    hug le breizh

    Gavatar Icon of hug le breizh

    Encore de superbes images!!et quel niveau...reviens nous vite en BZH!!! ;) ps: cho la dernière vague :)

  7. 402


    Gavatar Icon of clemkite

    Magnifiques images comme d'habitude, continue à nous faire rêver !! :)

  8. 401


    Gavatar Icon of coulombix

    Simplement magique !!! c'est presque aussi beau que notre Bretonne !!! Kenavo

  9. 400


    Gavatar Icon of lacimaci

    Amazing video. It made my whole week. I wish I could just go like that and ride like that. Hope to visit Tahiti soon. :)

  10. 399


    Gavatar Icon of tom

    vive North, continuer a nous fabriquer du matos de qualité ;)

  11. 398


    Gavatar Icon of dzina

    What a wonderfull video... the scenery, the wild life, the kiteboarding, it is so great... short but intense, that video exactly made my day

  12. 397

    matt lepar

    Gavatar Icon of matt lepar

    ça donne envie d'aller taquiner la vague ! belle vidéo en tout cas, certains se font plaisir... ;)

  13. 396


    Gavatar Icon of marco971

    au top, j'aim bien la sortie de vagues en close out... Vive le Kite!

  14. 395


    Gavatar Icon of fane

    pourquoi suis je assise devant cet écran plûtot que dans un avion pour tahiti!? merci pour ces quelques minutes de fun ;good job ,take care and keep having fun !a new kiteuse...

  15. 394


    Gavatar Icon of futurkit

    J'ai toujours eut envie de faire du kitsurf ayant pleins d'amis qui en pratique mais je n'ai jamais réussit à me cette vidéo c'est vraiment le déclic! Elle est juste magnifique!! Pas encore le budget pour partir à Tahiti mais la normandie me tend les bras;) hate de voir vos prochains é bon ride!!

  16. 393


    Gavatar Icon of hd44

    superbes images comme d'hab! et Tahiti est magifique ça donne envie!!!!!

  17. 392


    Gavatar Icon of kristina

    I am just learning to Kiteboard and saw this video link on my kb (Kiteboarding)app on my iPhone. My jaw dropped and a feeling of beautiful bliss came over me as I was watching it. There are no words I can imagine for you to explain how this trip was and I only wish I was part of it. Tahiti is at the top of my list for places to travel and to have the experience y'all did...I would give anything! Amazing video and amazing sesh! What can I made my day!

  18. 391


    Gavatar Icon of jlaffin

    Sweet video! Nice work.

  19. 390


    Gavatar Icon of juliachou

    Magnifique, j'adore quand le bateau s'envole :)

  20. 389


    Gavatar Icon of biploup

    C'est décidé : je me mets aux vagues ! :bave:

  21. 388


    Gavatar Icon of pounch

    juste cool calé dans la wave

  22. 387


    Gavatar Icon of toni

    wow, tahiti in its most beautiful colors! great session! that really makes me wanne try out more!!

  23. 386


    Gavatar Icon of mat

    Frothing video!

  24. 385


    Gavatar Icon of ben


  25. 384


    Gavatar Icon of dreamdream

    Simplement magnifique....

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