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Directed by Jeremie Eloy
Produced by Oxbow,Julbo,Yourmood, JEK Productions et North Kiteboarding
Filmed by Marco "o micro" Bouvant, Rodriguo, Benjamin Thouard
Edited by Djay
Shot in Tahiti, July 2011


Tahiti, Teahupoo, Moorea

Want more? The making off

->Click here to discover all the details about the movie, and get the best advices to go to Tahiti You can also watch the previous episode by clicking here.

Quiz results!

From September 19th to October 20th midnight, we hosted a quiz where you could win a board WAM 5'11, THE top league surf from North Kiteboarding as a first prize, and a 3/2 wetsuit by Oxbow, as second prize, a pair of glasses RUN by Julbo as third prize and a Pro Model Jeremie Ring by Yourmood as fourth prize

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  1. 283


    Gavatar Icon of replika

    Now, i have the heat up pics for the cold winter. Thx

  2. 282


    Gavatar Icon of daddy

    I can use a new board just about right now!

  3. 281


    Gavatar Icon of mtoo

    wow ! Ca poutre !

  4. 280


    Gavatar Icon of andrew

    awesome! I want to ride in the waves really bad. No real waves here though.

  5. 279


    Gavatar Icon of rotorhead

    Nice shots and wave sequence!

  6. 278


    Gavatar Icon of stringsurfer

    Beautiful quality video with excellent surfing with a kite.

  7. 277


    Gavatar Icon of tykassabobo

    Bravo mon Jerem.... Que du bonheur et du reve comme d'hab !!!! Kenavo, au plaisir de te revoir sur Quiberon

  8. 276


    Gavatar Icon of augurolo

    Wonderful places! It's just a shame you couldn't tie your harness to the sharks.

  9. 275


    Gavatar Icon of phil92

    Jérémie , continue ,tu nous fais rêver ! Trop Top !!

  10. 274


    Gavatar Icon of fred35

    Salut Jérem, Trés beau film mais un peu court. Une destination qui fait réver !!! pour changer de la Bretagne. A bientôt sur les spots bretons lors de compêt comme par exemple le Derby kite de La Baule.... FRED Driven by wind

  11. 273


    Gavatar Icon of danibomb


  12. 272


    Gavatar Icon of miken


  13. 271


    Gavatar Icon of smiley4711

    Very nice Video!!!

  14. 270


    Gavatar Icon of léonard

    Comme d'habitude, des images de rêve!

  15. 269


    Gavatar Icon of madmatt

    Wow nice video of wavekiting! I love the scene where you appear from the wave all of a sudden with the people cheering ;)

  16. 268


    Gavatar Icon of juwi

    awsome video..............i wanna go to tahiti as well......... also the straples tricks are pretty cool.....i'm working hard on them! cheers juwi

  17. 267


    Gavatar Icon of ludo

    Trop la classe!!!!

  18. 266


    Gavatar Icon of sapo

    great video

  19. 265


    Gavatar Icon of trauma


  20. 264


    Gavatar Icon of fred04

    eh ben il a poncer la wave le salopio..... mon tour c est qd?

  21. 263


    Gavatar Icon of arnaud13

    Les aerials de dingue Bravo ! et le free style en strapless tu ne fais pas que du média, on dirait que tu t'entraînes un peu aussi ;-) Merci de nous faire rêver

  22. 262


    Gavatar Icon of teva987

    C'est chez moi ;)

  23. 261


    Gavatar Icon of damiooooo

    Vidéo vue et revue :)

  24. 260


    Gavatar Icon of kitesafe

    Great movie, great vibe. Keep it up!

  25. 259


    Gavatar Icon of joetaylor

    Out of this world! Amaazing Video!

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