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Directed by Jeremie Eloy
Original idea by Jeremie Eloy et Lyse Ruchat
Produced by JEK Productions
Filmed by Simon Lechat, Lyse Ruchat, Gaetan Botrel, Olivier Marguerite, Yves Perignon, Jean Rene Keruzore / air vide et eau, Jeremie Eloy, GK
Assitant Le petit Baigneur/ Gael Annette
Music The Lemon Queen
Edited by Tetes a claps
Shot in Brittany, april-june 2012


All around Brittany

Want more? The making off

->Click here to discover all the details about the movie, and get the best advices to go to Brittany You can also watch the previous episode by clicking here.

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  1. 78


    Gavatar Icon of pauls

    excellent! so many places to travel and kite....

  2. 77


    Gavatar Icon of chlo

    Superbe vidéo!

  3. 76


    Gavatar Icon of zeric

    belles images , beau montage , beau boulot quoi :)

  4. 75


    Gavatar Icon of varatraz

    i miss my native country!

  5. 74


    Gavatar Icon of gautiou

    Superbe vidéo. Beaucoup de travail sur le montage. Je ride également en Rebel 2012 comme Jérémie. Il ne me manque plus que le surf qui va avec.

  6. 73


    Gavatar Icon of spinosad

    Une superbe vidéo avec ce qu'il y a de plus beau en Bretagne ! Des heures de sauts en combinaison, Jérémie a dû avoir chaud. Super boulot, des vagues énormissimes et une maitrise impressionnante. Ca donne envie de faire de la vague. Jérémy

  7. 72


    Gavatar Icon of chirojoseph

    THere are TWO HUMAN characters in the film...and one very motivated KITE character as well! jeje.. its great to see a bit of humor, of art, of creativity mixed into a kitesurf film!! OFten times there are amazing stories and anecdotes that go along with every amazing kitesurf session and these stories dont get told. All we see are the images. If were lucky we see some "wipeout" sequences to remind us of how dearly the riders paid for those few "glory shots." This film has taken a refreshing turn from the norm. I enjoyed so much when I realized that we were "beginning" with a near death wipeout experience..watching him crawl out of the ocean foam..what a great idea..original concept to film that deadly foam that has clogged the airways of so many surfers and wave kiters.. THouroughly enjoyable, excellent music... have forwarded the film to many friends already, has me stoked for the upcoming trip to BAJA!! send me that board, ill do it justice!! jeje.. salu2 to the artists and kiters!! ChiroJOE en Mexico

  8. 71


    Gavatar Icon of bill

    best video ever!!!

  9. 70


    Gavatar Icon of soulsurfer

    When I am shackled to my desk, it's videos like this that remind me why I work and help me plan my next Kiteboarding vacation!

  10. 69


    Gavatar Icon of tomas

    Muy Buen video!!! Buenas olasssss

  11. 68


    Gavatar Icon of soehnke_hh

    very nice video.. and big waves.. wow

  12. 67


    Gavatar Icon of hardcorevegas


  13. 66


    Gavatar Icon of mitch

    Crazy video! Crazy story! I like the kite akting as a monster!

  14. 65


    Gavatar Icon of pépino

    Belle vidéo

  15. 64


    Gavatar Icon of galba

    excellent j'ai pris mon pied :D

  16. 63


    Gavatar Icon of simonboury

    Not only a cool nice style but also an awesome video!

  17. 62


    Gavatar Icon of reflex

    Nice spot, great waves :)

  18. 61


    Gavatar Icon of fred35

    De la bombe cette vidéo!! Toute comme la surf board que j'aimerai acquérir pour titiller la vague

  19. 60


    Gavatar Icon of françois

    Superbe montage!!

  20. 59


    Gavatar Icon of loulou

    Moez an aochou

  21. 58


    Gavatar Icon of kitetonio

    Excellente video!!!!!

  22. 57


    Gavatar Icon of paf

    Magic dream in mystic country..!

  23. 56


    Gavatar Icon of pilou

    La Bretagne!!!

  24. 55

    del fab

    Gavatar Icon of del fab

    Merci pour la scénarisation, c'est bien barré, et le couple d'auteurs Jérémie/Lyse fonctionne bien, vivement le prochain!

  25. 54


    Gavatar Icon of jaimelecochon

    BRAVO à toute l'équipe............nivho'llywood la vidéo

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