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Directed by Jeremie Eloy
Produced by Wanaii Prod
Filmed by Gaetan Botrel, Laurent le Bolloch, Lena Bam, Jeremie Eloy, JC Galey
Drone Gaetan Botrel
Heli Lena Bam, Gaetan Botrel, Alex Zlobinskiy
Music Malo' - Day to Day (Rodolphe Lecat remix) | Malo' - Freedom | Lyrics & music by Malory Legardinier | Published by AT Musiques | Courtesy of Malo' & AT Musiques
Edited by Jeremie Eloy
Shot in Mauritius Island: August 2012


Le Morne

Want more? The making off

-> Click here to discover all the details about the movie, and get the best advices to go to Mauritius. You can also watch the previous episode by clicking here.

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There is already 221 comments.

  1. 221


    Gavatar Icon of noure

    Superbe! On est tellement dedans, que les embruns nous éclaboussent et l'histoire de one eye est peu banale...quelle belle région, ça donne envie de la découvrir...

  2. 220


    Gavatar Icon of replika

    Thx for the beautiful pictures! The spirit of thies videos always inbue with peace and energy especially in winter time. Thx, thx a lot, there is hope: after the cold, monoton working days there will be summer, sun, water and wind too. Best regards

  3. 219


    Gavatar Icon of shane

    Proud to say "its my country!!"

  4. 218


    Gavatar Icon of nanou

    Merci pour ce superbe film On retrouve la gentillesse mauricienne dans leur sourires L histoire de la one eye est extraordinaire Les images de kite et de l ambiance en dehors du kite sont superbes Bref Merci pour ce voyage

  5. 217


    Gavatar Icon of arik

    I love your video , so i wanna go to Mauritius as soon as possible!

  6. 216


    Gavatar Icon of iltis

    it´s nice to hear a story from the root :) keep the good work up!

  7. 215


    Gavatar Icon of mael

    Encore une fois très beau. Merci

  8. 214


    Gavatar Icon of aro

    Really great video. It makes me wanna forget about everything, go there and ride. Congrats :-))

  9. 213


    Gavatar Icon of neoludo

    Merci pour cette autre vision de Maurice!!

  10. 212

    le dav

    Gavatar Icon of le dav

    Merci pour ces quelques minutes de bonheur

  11. 211


    Gavatar Icon of marcusss

    Wow, I'd love to kitesurf this awesome wavespot.

  12. 210


    Gavatar Icon of aehlert

    nice story!

  13. 209


    Gavatar Icon of wayofsurfing

    Superbe vidéo, belles images et couleurs, le spot à l'air magnifique

  14. 208


    Gavatar Icon of petead

    Fantastic video, well put together and great story! Can't wait for your next one! Scenes like these would encourage anyone to take up the great sport of kite surfing!

  15. 207


    Gavatar Icon of lord_dunkelziffer

    It`s a awesome movie lovely waves great landscape and a funny story behinde the Spot i realy linke this movie.I want to see more about this stufe!!!

  16. 206


    Gavatar Icon of doogsy

    Great vid!! Mauritius is definitely going on the bucket list!

  17. 205


    Gavatar Icon of bellamy

    Great movie!! Awesome ride!!

  18. 204


    Gavatar Icon of adri

    Wonderful video !! One of my favorite

  19. 203


    Gavatar Icon of tranquille

    what an incredible spot!! Mauritius - one eye - ftw

  20. 202


    Gavatar Icon of eric

    Magnifique ! Tu nous donnes à tous envie d'y aller ou d'y retourner, merci !

  21. 201


    Gavatar Icon of zero

    Wow, what a fantastic video!

  22. 200


    Gavatar Icon of v4vag

    excellent video with passion... ripping off the waves!!

  23. 199


    Gavatar Icon of camiloperey

    Ohhh loved the video, u guys make me wanna have this life style I'm just a boy who finished high school and I don't know what to do with my life, this Definitely would be perfect. I love kite, the nature and the landscapes of such places as Mauritius Island

  24. 198


    Gavatar Icon of kokuma

    Sitting in rainy, cold London, wishing I would be back with my mates in Australia kiteboarding,yet this video made my day! Awesome shots! Wish I was out there kiting! Keep them coming for us Jeremy here in cold Europe and make our days!

  25. 197


    Gavatar Icon of phil

    Ich könnte es immer wieder und wieder anschauen. Sehr gelungen.

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