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Directed by Jeremie Eloy
Produced by Wanaii Films
Filmed by Gaetan Botrel, Jeremie Eloy, Benjamin Thouard
Drone Gaetan Botrel
Edited by Jeremie Eloy
Shot in New Zealand: November 2012
Special thanks to Comptoir des Voyages, Air Tahiti Nui, New Zealand Board of Tourism

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-> Click here to discover all the details about the movie, and get the best advices to go to New Zealand. You can also watch the previous episode by clicking here.

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  1. 175


    Gavatar Icon of andy

    Merci pour ces superbes vidéos, franchement, ça me donne une envie folle de voyager et de rider les plus beaux spots du monde tout comme toi ;)

  2. 174


    Gavatar Icon of tinou

    Superbes images, on en redemande! Bravo!

  3. 173


    Gavatar Icon of tom

    fine film!nice pictures!

  4. 172


    Gavatar Icon of mar13

    Wonderfull videos, we can see all elements: earth, water (snow and ice), air and fire...and kite :) Next "make my day" in Marseille ? :)

  5. 171


    Gavatar Icon of kangoo

    Top! comme d'habitude :) En plus sur ce trip tu t'es payé du cineflex.... la claaaasse !! ;) Ne change rien ! A++

  6. 170


    Gavatar Icon of killer

    Hell ya!!

  7. 169


    Gavatar Icon of marks

    woo hoo. the Naki !!!

  8. 168


    Gavatar Icon of djolhan

    Comme je te l'ai déjà dit sur Vimeo, du super boulot, c'est vraiment très agréable à regarder ! Bonne continuation Jérémie.

  9. 167


    Gavatar Icon of seb

    Merci les mecs, vous m'faites rêver avec vos vidéos, ça donne envie de se mettre au Kite !

  10. 166


    Gavatar Icon of ms

    Never been in New Zealand but definitely want to go. Great episodes, good to see you guys having fun. Waiting for next project.

  11. 165

    pierre dlb

    Gavatar Icon of pierre dlb

    Pures sons, pures images, ca donne envie surtout quand on sait que chez nous les sessions se font encore en cagoule gant chaussons et qu'on à l'impression d'etre passé en heure d'été en plein moi de décembre!!! Super trip en tout les cas, si la prochaine fois ils vous restent une place n'hésitez pas ;)

  12. 164


    Gavatar Icon of klouttch

    C'est diiiiiiiiingue, grave styléééé ! ça rend un peu jaloux...

  13. 163


    Gavatar Icon of astone

    bande de veinard! super la video

  14. 162

    alicia fenua!

    Gavatar Icon of alicia fenua!

    Superbe videos! Les paysages sont magnifiques ... quelle est la prochaine destination??? Bonne route!

  15. 161


    Gavatar Icon of tartangeek

    Hi Jeremie What a fantastic series of videos! You and the boys should be very proud. I live in New Zealand - originally from Scotland - and this has inspired me to get going and learn kite surfing - something I have looked at doing for a long time but always put it off. One day I would love to emulate your trip with my two wee boys when they are a bit bigger! 5 and 3 just now! Would end up carrying them up the mountain!! Anyway, well done again. Bon Chance Mark

  16. 160


    Gavatar Icon of thibaudd

    Allez, je tente ma chance. La veste me plait bien

  17. 159


    Gavatar Icon of rodrigo

    Love New zealand. Love Kiteboarding. Those videos made my day. Inspiring!! Great images with an exelent music. Congratulations. Keep making us feeling alive!

  18. 158


    Gavatar Icon of ben

    Thanks Jeremie, thanks guys for those beautiful views of NZ. Is the camper inside the boardbag? Make My birthDay!

  19. 157


    Gavatar Icon of fro49

    Super votre vidéo!!!

  20. 156


    Gavatar Icon of hadri

    Superbes images d'un trip incroyable dans un pays qui fait rêver! Bravo!

  21. 155


    Gavatar Icon of mouette&jambon

    Quite a nice piece of work here ! Love the atmosphere and spirit, keep it up

  22. 154

    big al

    Gavatar Icon of big al

    Sweet video, I loved watching every minute of it, I'm out in New Zealand at the moment and its amazing!

  23. 153


    Gavatar Icon of katiu

    Belles images de superbes paysages une invitation au voyage merci fai ito ito

  24. 152


    Gavatar Icon of surfingboye

    Love the MMD series. Really portrays the feeling of kiting and travelling. Love how your style has progressed throughout the series as well!!!

  25. 151


    Gavatar Icon of dan

    Superbe trip entre potes. Ca me rappel mes 20 berges mais en trip en france entre Lac Cotes atlantic et Mer du nord. Tout cela en windsurf. Belle jeunesse, belle vie,belle joie. profiter de la nature et la respecter. Bravo.

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