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Directed by Jeremie Eloy
Produced by Wanaii Films
Filmed by Yves P, Jeremie Eloy
Edited by Jeremie Eloy
Music by Radical Face
Shot in Australia: Feb 2014 - Margaret River, Pinnacles, Waverock, Esperance

Want more? The making off

-> Click here to discover all the details about the movie, and get the best advices to go to Australia. You can also watch the previous episode by clicking here.

Quiz results!

From March 25th 2014 to April 25th 2014 midnight, we hosted a quiz where you could win a brand new surf WAM 5'10 , from North Kiteboarding, the same as Jeremie in the movie as a first prize, a a board short pro model Jeremie Eloy, a hoodie and a tee shirt by Picture Organic clothing as second prize and a pair of Kaiser sunglasses by Julbo as third prize

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  1. 185


    Gavatar Icon of fire

    The first 50 sec. are the best!

  2. 184


    Gavatar Icon of algyk

    Another awesome video! Breath-taking scenery, remote kiting destinations & immense cinematography. However, the 'One Eye' Mauritius video is still my favourite! Please keep the videos coming... :).

  3. 183


    Gavatar Icon of bravokiki65

    Un video estupendo que muestra lo maravilloso que es el kitesurf.

  4. 182


    Gavatar Icon of tobor


  5. 181


    Gavatar Icon of claudiokitemovies

    Hi Jeremie, we are close to Ledge Point... where are the big shorebreaks beaches??? Please, tell us the right directions... please, MAKE OUR DAYS!! :-)

  6. 180


    Gavatar Icon of sailboard

    De bien belles images qui donne envie d'y aller faire un tour.

  7. 179


    Gavatar Icon of benj084

    Ca fait plaisir de voir de belles sessions avec des conditions pareils !! Par contre ca donne envie de tout plaquer et de devenir free kitesurfer !!

  8. 178


    Gavatar Icon of arnal

    C'est tout simplement le pays de tous les paysages. Ça serait un véritable rêve de naviguer en Australie, avec cette planche...

  9. 177


    Gavatar Icon of marieke

    Bonjour, En esperant de gagner une wave board pour ENFIN m'y mettre..., Il y a 2 Koala's dans le super top movie ! Bon vent et à bientôt ! Marie

  10. 176


    Gavatar Icon of flow

    AU TOP! kenavo

  11. 175


    Gavatar Icon of sjaak

    Awesome video, definitely makes me want to pack up the boardbags and explore some place new, and preferably sunny!

  12. 174


    Gavatar Icon of yarek

    Great movie. The Nature, the waves, the spot, everything seems amazing. Keep up the good work you all :))

  13. 173


    Gavatar Icon of sino

    I really like a kitesurfing video that can tell a story, feature the people and the place where they are kitesurfing and I think you guys did a great job at that.

  14. 172


    Gavatar Icon of maartensannen

    Handsomes pictures!!!! All your films inspire me greatly. It's nice to see how the kiting and nature so perfectly fit together. Cordialement, Maarten

  15. 171


    Gavatar Icon of kitesjef

    What if everything that happened here happened for a reason? Make my day, Hoppa!!! Shared @

  16. 170


    Gavatar Icon of fred35

    lieu paradisiaque mais trop loin de la bretagne !!!! et heureusement que vous nous ne demandez pas le nombre de kangourous....

  17. 169


    Gavatar Icon of fdaf

    Dear Jeremie, You always shooting in awesome places and bringing us beatiful images of your riding moments. Keep on showing us the best kitesurfing spots in the world, congrats, all the best !!

  18. 168


    Gavatar Icon of pierrot

    Vive l'Autralie!!

  19. 167


    Gavatar Icon of kitou

    Encore de belles images merci de nous faire voyager... Le nombre de koala, c'est avec ou sans toi? ;-))

  20. 166


    Gavatar Icon of shiton

    Life has only Death to bring to us. Until it happens, kiteboarding and trips like yours Make my Days. Keep in the move Man!

  21. 165


    Gavatar Icon of masse

    C'est beau dommage que ce soit si loin !!!!!!!

  22. 164


    Gavatar Icon of yoyo

    Very nice video, thank you so much !

  23. 163


    Gavatar Icon of ben

    Is it one or is it two.?. It made my day!

  24. 162


    Gavatar Icon of regisurf

    Hello Jeremy Y a-t-il une place dans tes bagages pour ton prochain trip? ;')

  25. 161


    Gavatar Icon of vince

    Belles images, beau montage, belle musique... ça donne envie de partir loin loin loin!

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